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Specializing in tantra massage?

Yes or No? One of my biggest advantages is that I have a large portfolio of services. At first glance, it may seem that with a larger portfolio of massages and therapies, I can do some of them less and some more. certified for all my services . It is true that some massages are sought after more and others less. It certainly is. For me too, massages and therapies that are beneficial to health prevail. Next in order is the very popular Tantra massage . However, specialization in tantra massage is not an advantage at all. Yes, it is true that in recent years there has been a decrease in exclusive massages, i.e. experiential massages (Royal Ritual , Cognac massage , Massage with hot shells , Moroccan massage with Argan oil and some others).

Health (health-benefiting) massages and therapy make up over 85% of my workload. Thus, Sports Reconditioning Massage and Prostate Massage for men make up 95% of the health-benefiting massages. So it is very nice to have a change such as a Tantra massage . I’m really looking forward to it.

I am not a specialist in Tantra massages. Carrying out an activity with joy and enthusiasm always results in quality. And that’s just with my Tantra massages . Also great experience and insight from other massages, i.e. also from Relaxation massages (Intuitive Relaxation massage , Thai oil massage) in connection with my art of working with the energy of the human body is blended into my Tantra massages. Where else can you find the opportunity to experience a Tantric energy orgasm ? Even my Tantric prostate massage is based on the experience of hundreds of prostate health massages. And that’s a really big difference.

I understand specialized tantra masseuses who do not have experience in other types of massage. And they never even wanted to get them (classic massages done well are a lot of hard work). A tantra massage once every few days is an interesting financial motivation for these tantra masseuses and perhaps also relaxation. And I don’t know a tantra masseuse who would perform a tantra massage every working day of the week.

Even according to the references to my Tantra massages on my website, I am really an excellent Tantra masseuse. However, I have a problem “forcing” my clients to write me a public reference on Google or Seznam (local Czech “google”). I sometimes have the feeling that I only have male clients (in the sense of marriage or at least partnership) who are afraid to publicly appreciate and publish the experience of my tantra massage At most, they agree to put it directly on my website.

Have you already experienced my Tantric massage ? And surely you at least liked her. At most, it was one of the few greatest experiences of your life , which you will remember for a long time. And do you want to experience my Tantra massage again? So get my attention and give me a few minutes now. Your reference on Google and Seznam. Thank you.

MarieKarolína – your tantric masseuse
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