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We live in strange times.
We are driven by responsibilities and the necessity to survive ourselves and our loved ones. We are busy at work and at home, and often days off from work are no better. Amplified many times over the past few years. Do you devote time and space to family, parents, etc.? Where do you have TIME and SPACE for yourself? In past times, people were more connected to their body and soul. Time was “slower”. We were without the influence of technology and technical progress that we suffer from today. Today we are often mentally divided, we do not have peace within ourselves, in our relationships or in our lives. That’s why my Tantra massages Prague

Tantra is a philosophy

It is the teaching of a loving relationship to the world, to other people and above all to oneself . It is learning how to live fully when we are in the present moment . It is about restoring life energy and regaining personal balance, i.e. also about sexual energy . It is the engine of our physical and mental condition and spiritual activity. Tantric ritual develops sexual energy.

The POWER of the present moment

that is Tantra. It is your detachment from the outside world and it is about me tuning in to you. Open your heart and mind and know YOURSELF through touch. Your life can improve, it can be calmer and more harmonious. You are its creators . I am your guide who will reveal these techniques to you and lead you to the bliss of both physical body and soul.

Each of us has our own path. For some of us, it is tantra massages. In their variety and diversity. In various versions of tantric women and tantra masseurs. They guide you on this journey. Each of them individually according to their abilities , i.e. above all the abilities of the clergy. My path is a combination of the spiritual and the physical . Our body is an instrument for spiritual perception. It is not only our classic 5 senses, but mainly also the development of the lesser-known ones, such as our intuition. And beyond sense perception. This is my journey… that I will customize for you.

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To view the PRICE and more information on the type of massage, click on the appropriate type of massage BELOW.

Classic Tantra massage

Tantric ritual with the awakening or intensification of sexual energy. It is relaxing for your body, energizing for your chakras, especially the first root chakra, which is the center of sexual energy.

Tantric prostate massage

The prostate is one of the most important organs, rather glands, in men.

Luxury Tantra massage

A luxurious tantra massage where you will experience the best of my tantric art.

Anal and vaginal mapping

Anal mapping is therapy for men. Performs in the area of the first chakra. Vaginal mapping is a therapy for women and Body Care in this therapy is done in the area of the first chakra.

Tantric orgasm

It is the exact name. Orgasm… is always some kind of energy peak. In a tantric full-body orgasm, however, it is achieved with the whole body. Not by lingam or yoni massage.