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Po-Čt 8:00-20:00. Pá 8:00-19:00. Mimo uvedenou otevírací dobu po domluvě.

I am a professional health massage masseuse. With a wide selection of both health and relaxing massages (Thai massage and many others). Other services are just as popular as my health massages.

Tantra massage is a RELAXATION for me and especially a CHANGE that I indulge in once or twice a week. That is why I am probably the best tantra masseuse in Prague according to my clients ‘ references. I am not a Tantra massage specialist, yet I am fully certified and qualified. I also have Tantra for my personal development, which is reflected in my Energy therapy. Tantric massages are also for me a forgetfulness of my main job, which is my health massage.

If you have already experienced my Tantra massage, you may also be interested in other services of my professional orientation. If we stay with the very relaxing ones, then perhaps the most popular is Tickling. The popularity of tickling is so high that tickling deserved a separate site.

For health massages, I would emphasize Prostate massage. He does this massage twice a day. It is in great demand among men for its health effect leading to a significant reduction in the excess prostate and a noticeable improvement in erection, duration of lovemaking and generally love experiences.
With an already enlarged prostate, it is ideal to go for a prostate massage regularly at least once every 14 days.

All my massages, touch therapies, rituals & relaxation can be found on my main professional website.


MarieKarolína – personnal masseuse & therapist
Tantra Massage Prague 2