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Tantric full body energy orgasm

is the exact name. Orgasm … is always some energy peak. Tantric orgasm, i.e. its achievement, is a matter of readiness of the whole body. It is achieved throughout the body . A lingam or yoni massage is not a priority here. As I state in My Tantra, the basis is the energetic charging of the body. I am your guide, a kind of mountain sherpa. If you reach the peak of orgasm, then it is your own art and your own preparation.

The tantric full body energy orgasm has the same financial value as the Luxury tantra massage. Simply by agreement with you, we will try to achieve an energetic orgasm. If I perceive that we are not succeeding in increasing the energy of your body, I will go back to the Luxury Tantra massage.

Are you already experienced gourmet tantra massages? Do you practically know holistic breathwork? Then there is a good chance that our tantra will be your first tantric energy ascent..Are you ready?

I guide you and I know the way to the top. I will teach you the right way to work with your breath. But whether you reach the top is all about your preparation. Honestly, for the first time, many have remained below the peak of a tantric full-body energetic orgasm. Feeling on top? So let’s go…

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