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Po-Čt 8:00-20:00. Pá 8:00-19:00. Mimo uvedenou otevírací dobu po domluvě.
You want tantra massage as an experience

I do not specialize in tantra massages . I offer a total of over twenty rainbows of massages and therapies . This sets me apart from other tantra offerings on the market. Tantra massage as an experience, relaxation, release. Mine too. Scheduling a tantra massage in my usual work calendar is not just about free time for me right then. I have to take into account my energy balance, my cyclicity, the work schedule of that day and the previous work days and enough time to tune in to tantra before your arrival.

Busy. I am primarily a masseuse of health, reconditioning and relaxation massages. I classify tantra massage as relaxing and, marginally, health-beneficial massages.

I indulge in tantra for relaxation and pleasure if most conditions are met. But sometimes it’s not even every week. So please, if you are seriously interested in my tantra massages, we have to agree on the terms of the massages several days in advance. I simply cannot “immediately” ( that day or the following day ) in the vast majority of cases. I have a work program several days ahead. But maybe someone excuses himself due to force majeure ( these are not work duties ), i.e. usually illness. So don’t give up, call ( you probably don’t dare ) and send an SMS . I certainly respond to SMS as best I can.

Frequency of Tantra massages . The most numerous are my Sports-Reconditioning massage and Prostate Health massage for men. Other popular items include Tickling Therapy and Classic Thai massage and Thai Oil massage..

Many will find this message interesting and supportive of your tantra massage as an experience, some will find it very limiting. I believe that if any of you have a sincere interest in my tantric art, then we will find a suitable date as soon as possible.

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