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Tantra massage cannot be performed

Of course, if you are medically indisposed . By that I do not mean only respiratory diseases (viruses, angina…) but also a common cold. Furthermore, you cannot enjoy a tantra massage if you have spasms or other body stiffness . If you have a stiff neck, back, buttocks… then discomfort or straight pain in the physical body is incompatible with the required relaxation and deep perception for Tantra massage. So you would need my Sports-Reconditioning massage instead of a tantra massage. In these cases and in the cases below, tantra massage cannot be perfomed.

Another much-neglected contraindication is skin problems, eczema or other skin diseases . Any reddening of the skin, fungus (even between the toes, etc.), peeling of the skin (I understand if you are peeling from too much sun – but then my touching the point will cause you more pain than relaxation) and other skin problems, then tantra massage is NOT POSSIBLE. I can’t have any massage in this state. For me there is a clear contraindication. And whether or not the “problem” is transferable by touch, please discuss with your attending physician. And please with a medical blessing for me.

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