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Tantra personal masseuse

Tantra personal masseuse | TantraPraha.info

Personal masseuse

I am a personal masseuse for many families. Three generations of the family often visit me. Because each of us needs at least a massage that is good for our health. For many of them, I am such a distant family member. Whom family members don’t see every day, but know well about. Because I know them well, Their problems, wishes and needs. Not just their health ones. They know very well that I will always help them as best as possible with my art and my word. I am the confidant willow for them.

As I write on my website Massage Prague , which is about classic health massages or relaxation massages, I am a masseuse of these massages for the vast majority of my professional time. I know very well the musculature of the entire human body. And I also know various massage techniques perfectly. This preparation, which at first glance seems unnecessary for tantric massages, combined with the fact that I have one tantra massage every 10-12 days, makes it a unique experience for you.

It is the connection of the experience of my massaging skill and my knowledge in the field of energy therapies . And for ME, it’s a great relaxation especially from my health-benefiting massages. And the fact that I am also a popular Tantrist is evidenced by my references.


I invite you to your tantric massage.

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