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Tantric prostate massage

Tantra in conjunction with tantric prostate massage is an ideal combination of sensory experience and the health-promoting effects of such a tantra massage.

What exactly is the male prostate? It is one of the most important organs, rather glands, in men. We find it next to the urinary glands inside the pelvis. Most men respond positively to prostate massage. But there are men who do not give prostate massage. And at the same time, it is mostly just a psychological setting. Every man who comes to my tantric prostate massage should try my classic prostate health massage.

I am probably the most sought-after masseuse for health-promoting prostate massage. You can learn more about the health benefits of prostate massage on my separate website about prostate massage .

Even Tantric massage of the prostate starts from the outside, i.e. massaging the perineum, i.e. in the places under the testicles towards the anus. Then he continues with a direct massage through the anus. I am very sensitive and use a gentle massage oil or lubricant.

Tantric prostate massage:

It is intended for those men who should already have experience with prostate massage. Did you react to it positively or at least neutrally? Then tantra prostate massage will bring you intense and often unknown sensations. In many men leading to excitement and subsequent erection after prostate massage. This is ideal for prostate detoxification.

Prostate massage has very good health effects (prevents erectile dysfunction caused by an enlarged prostate, prostate cancer and treats hemorrhoids) . I have already helped hundreds of men both in terms of health and a better sex life. I provide prostate massage to my clients every day. Do you want to keep your most important gland in good condition?!

Unblocking the energy of the first root chakra. It has an effect on the purification of all chakras and energy points.

I provide tantric prostate massage only with one of my Tantra massages.

Approx. 15-minute extension – Tantric prostate massage + 25 EUR.