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Tantric massage Prague

Tantra is one of my Energy massages. Despite all the enlightenment… even today it is perceived by many people as a cover for the provision of sexual services or at least for something immoral. However, this idea is completely distorted… Certain erotic establishments and private houses that provide purely erotic massages connected with sex and various sexual practices certainly contributed to this view of the content of “Tantra Massage”. May Tantra massage fully accepts bodily orgasm and climax in the finale of the Tantra massage. I prefer the emphasis on the spiritual side of tantra and work with your energy, the peak of which is the achievement of an Tantric energy Orgasm.


MarieKarolína tantristka v zeleném sárungu

MarieKarolína – in the best tantrist in Prague

My Tantra massage

Gentle, loving, energizing, sensual, harmonizing massage, full of attentive and conscious touches.
It transcends the boundaries of the body and mind level.. it goes towards our soul. My Tantra massage is intended for women and men.

Tantra massages awaken and expand sensuality and pleasure from bodily experience.

During a Tantra massage, I lead you inside to yourself and your senses, feelings and emotions, which calm down. It is a way to find inner peace.

I am awakening your body and senses to greater sensitivity and receptivity. With my touches, when I transfer pure energy to you, I establish a close contact with your essence. Your perception gradually expands, as does the ability to experience and feel your body and sexuality.

With my Tantric massage, you will experience previously unknown states. Harmony, relaxation, pleasure, change of state of consciousness, unity with one’s own being and with the entire universe.

My Tantra massage supports experiencing higher levels of orgasms.


Emotional Orgasm:

  • the orgasmic wave spreads from the genitals to the heart…. we experience a feeling of love and fulfillment

Full Body Orgasm:

  • the orgasmic wave spreads throughout the body, filling every cell

Energy Orgasm:

  • we experience ourselves as a source of bliss


I spread energy throughout your body, to every part of it. Your whole body is charged with energy. The energy flows through the meridians, to a greater extent through the seven main chakras, and then goes into every muscle and cell of yours and heals you. Tensions and blocks are gradually removed. Because each person is blocked differently, patience is in order. Blocks are removed on the emotional as well as on the physical . The whole body pulses with waves of energy. Orgasmic release spreads throughout the body and is not limited to your private parts at all. It is about energy and it uses the entire auric field of your being.

Tantra massage can start the process of harmonizing old wounds and pains that are written in your subconscious. Furthermore, states associated with sexuality, with the impossibility of fully opening one’s nature to one’s partner and oneself, to one’s intimate feelings and desires.

Tantra massage can also help us in the treatment of sexual problems and disorders. Using Tantra massage, we gradually restore sensitivity to the body and private parts, thanks to which our ability to feel and experience is renewed.

May Tantra  massage is holistic massage. Because I will relax your whole body and you will detach from your mind, thereby liberating (awakening) your soul. I give my attention to every part of your body. According to the previous agreement, I also do not leave out your intimate places and intimate parts, which are taboo during usual massages.

“Mindfulness… Tantra massage is not aimed at arousal and achieving physical orgasm.” The goal is deep relaxation and relaxation in every part of the body and on all levels of a person’s being.


Tantra and intimate parts

If my massage of your private parts provokes in you reactions associated with orgasmic release, we let it run its course. Then even your relaxation, which occurred during mutual respect, trust and within defined boundaries, is normal and natural during my Tantra massage. Everything that happens in an atmosphere of respect, trust and defined boundaries is normal and natural during Tantra massage.

“During Tantra massage there is no sexual rapprochement between me and the client.”

My desire is to provide you with a unique and unusual experience associated with deep relaxation and relaxation. I give you loving attention, respect and my unique presence. You just accept, don’t get distracted by anything and just relax.

You will experience my entire Tantra massage in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect in its full beauty as an amazing experience from which you will draw energy for the following days. I will be happy to welcome you again and again. I perform tantra massages only at my workplace in Prague 2 Vinohrady.


April 2016:

As a student of Andrew Barnes, I have acquired a whole range of opinions in which I fully agree with my teacher. They are opinions and techniques for working with energy, cleaning the body and soul, partner relationships. Andrew is very inspiring and helped me along the way of my personal development. I thank him very much for that.

Enrichment of my Tantra massage for 120 minutes or longer, you can experience a Tantric full-body orgasm by appointment. Due to my great abilities to work with energy, I consider this tantric orgasm to be a wonderful experience, which especially you more advanced tantrics can experience with me. More at the link above.


I look forward to you.

MarieKarolína – personal masseuse


Meridians – are energy flows (think of them as veins) that connect the main and secondary chakras in the energy body of a person. If there are blocks in these meridians, they need to be removed. In Chinese medicine, acupressure points are used and they are located on these energy paths.

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