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Luxury Tantra massage

Tantra of all Tantras

where you will experience the best of my tantric art. Do you have enough time? Then this at least 2 hour or longer massage is right for you. Sensual massage with relaxation of the whole body with the help of fragrant oils, soft furs and lava stones. The heat of the lava stones will warm your back muscles for a more active perception of my tantric touches. While warming up, I massage the legs at the same time. After removing the lava stones from your back, I will check that your back is free of the most tension. After turning on your back, you need to concentrate on massaging the front of your body. Even in the summer months, this warm-up is pleasant. Among other things, your body will cool down in the finale. Green tea, for example, has a similar cooling effect.

We move on to the main part of the tantra massage, which is the longest. In it I caress most of your body and skin.

Depending on the time and by agreement before your own tantra massage, you can add a reflex foot massage, an Indian head massage, and a buttock massage, including a tantric prostate massage or, for women, a relaxing buttock massage.

Correct tantric breathing techniques will prepare you well for the final part of the luxurious tantra massage. And what is the finale?

Lingam and yoni massage

Optional part of tantra massage. In European conditions for men practically always. Some women may refuse if they are more spiritually focused and mature. In the finale, I massage your yoni or your lingam, during which you feel the rise and fall of energy in waves throughout your body.

This tantra massage is intended for women and men. For women, before starting the massage, it is necessary to check whether they are relaxed on the first chakra as the center of sexual energy. Then the massage of the buttocks and its surroundings will be pleasant for you. For men, my verification consists in asking how you yourself evaluate your sexual energy, i.e. its manifestation in the form of the quality of raising the lingam.

90 minute
$145 €
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120 minute
$169 €
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150 minute
$198 €
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