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Classic Tantra massage

Classic Tantra massage

I always start with a tantric ritual. The goal of the tantric ritual is awakening from the intensification of sexual energy. The ritual is spiritual as well as relaxing. I initialize energetic awakenings or strengthening of sexual energy through your chakras, especially the first root chakra, which is the center of sexual energy. Classic Tantra massage is suitable for both beginners and experienced tantra massage lovers.

Tantra has its introductory introductory part, which is about gaining trust, freeing your mind from surrounding sensations and focusing on your tantric experience. I will show you the correct breathing, which is necessary for the maximum experience and is an absolute condition for achieving a possible Energetic orgasm .

You lie down on the futon. I repeatedly drag the sarong over your body for the effect of sensitizing the skin. Next comes furs and feathers, which I use to caress and pamper your skin. Next, I proceed to a tantric massage of the whole body with warm natural oil. This part of tantra is the longest and in it almost every part of your body and skin is caressed.

Depending on your mood, the man will confirm to me whether he is interested in a Tantric prostate massage. Similarly, a woman whether she feels like an intensive butt massage.

Lingam and yoni massage

In the finale, I massage your yoni or your lingam, during which you feel the rise and fall of energy in waves throughout your body.

The entire massage is colored and accompanied by tantric relaxing music.

Vaginal mapping

Women with a blocked first chakra should first consider Vaginal Mapping therapy, which should precede tantra massage.

Anal mapping

For a blocked man on the first root chakra, I recommend Anal Mapping therapy first,


Classic Tantra massage is intended for women and men . I recommend a length of 90 minutes . Honestly, a Tantra massage for 60 minutes is like a short track sprint. It is insufficient time for concentration, tune-up and self-massage. I list it in the price list more for marketing purposes and for comparison with others.

60 minute
$89 €
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90 minute
$126 €
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120 minute
$153 €
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