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Anal mapping

is therapy for men. Mapping is done in the area of ​​the first, that is, the root chakra. I include it in my Energy Therapies. I include it here on purpose. Not only tantra massage can lead you to better love experiences. Are you stuck on the first root chakra? Then a tantra massage will not help, and above all, you will not fully experience it. Your experiences will be noticeably smaller. Let’s unblock your root chakra together.

What I write below in the Vaginal Mapping block applies. Blocks can be dissolved and dismantled. Our parents took care of many blocks for us. To many of us. The vast majority of even deep blocks are destructible

Vaginal mapping

is a therapy for women that is performed in the area of ​​the first chakra. Anal and vaginal mapping comes from the ” Body Care ” acupressure technique. This is Touch Therapy .

Anal and vaginal mapping is interspersed with massage of places where there is no tissue sensitivity. Its goal is targeted sensitization of the tissue, good blood circulation and, above all, a surge of energy .

Do you want to return the taste for sex life and the joy of experiencing it? Then vaginal mapping is the shortest path to success. More on my website about Energy therapies.

Here on my website about tantra massages, I present the issue of anal and vaginal mapping on purpose. Financial awards for tantra massages are among the highest in the field of massages and therapies in general. Therefore, if you have an increased level of shame, timidity, weak courage, fears about your existence, fears about financial security, then you should undergo this acupressure unblocking technique before tantra massage. And often it won’t be just a single session.

Above all, you want to have the most amazing experience from your tantra massage. So are you really open and in the mood for such a tantric experience?


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